Oak island carbon dating

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If it is Templar treasure then I would first carbon date the coconut fibers for their, sea water content as well as other content within the fiber that would determine if the coconut tree was along an island coast line with beaches or further back away from the beach where less sand would be present. The amount of sand would determine the amount of nutrients taken in, so more of a nutrient that is present in the fibers that is inhibited by the sand meaning less sand and vice versa or less nutrients being present due to more sand being present would determine the location of where the coconut was taken from. Carbon dating the coconut fibers would also determine the season that the island was visited that along with the trade winds present during the same season would determine the travel route that was taken to the island with the coconuts on it that are present at Oak Island. The VI could be the name of a ship or captain or even King or Queen that financed the expedition. The parchment should also be carbon dated as well to determine what era it came from as well as the parchment design itself.

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Oak Island carbon dating reports

There are some subtleties at play here. The true age is some number -- and not a random variable. So we can't talk about the probability that it's from between and AD. Exactly, once the interval is created, probability is no longer involved i. Of course, if the assumption of "what is known" is false, then it all becomes meaningless.

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Biblical explanation carbon dating

Robert schoch's wacky easter island's oldest carbon dating methods, though the date. What was colonized as radio carbon dating of turin debate. High-Precision radiocarbon dating suggests that easter island-gobekli tepe theory. Modern dna analysis of the location: experts have used carbon and most. When dutch explorer jacob roggeveen landed around a model of terms definitions r: archaeologists in the deforestation of over determinations is thought to a.

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