Amateur vanity callsigns

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As of Septemberthe FCC no longer charges a fee for vanity call signs. Some organizations will handle the application process for you, charging a fee for that service, but you do not have to go that route. To go deeper on this topic take a look at the ARRL pagewhich describes the vanity call sign program in greater detail.

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You don't get to choose the call sign. Once you have been assigned a call sign you can trade it in for a specific 1-by-3 format call sign meaning one letter, either K, N or W, one numeral - zero through nine and three suffix letters of your choosing under the new Vanity Call Sign System. A few "N" calls are available.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Amateur Radio Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for amateur radio enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up.

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Surprisingly, the rights to some call signs turn on degrees of relatedness. Most of our postings here deal with grave concerns of policy and regulation. Once in a while, though, a not-so-grave item catches our eye.

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Forgot Password? The FCC offers amateur licensees the opportunity to request a specific call sign for a primary station and for a club station. A call sign is selected by the FCC from a list of call signs requested by the licensee or license trustee.

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Behind every Ham is a callsign. It is how you are known in the amateur radio community. Creating your own callsign vanity callsign helps to personalize your radio identity.

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Novices are only eligible for Group D Vanity call signs. See call sign groups. You can apply for a call sign with any radio district numeral, 0 zero through 9.

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Jump to navigation. A unique call sign is assigned to each amateur station during the processing of its license applications. Each new call sign is assigned sequentially using the sequential call sign system, which is based on the alphabetized regional-group list for the licensee's operator class and mailing address.

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Select the desired search criteria with the fields below to search for an available callsign. You can search for specific callsign suffix characters by typing them in the field labeled "Suffix" and then clicking on the "Search" button. It should be noted that there are valid callsigns that will not show up here simply because they have never been held by anyone since the FCC began keeping track of callsigns online.

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Licenses to operate amateur stations for personal use are granted to individuals of any age once they demonstrate an understanding of both pertinent FCC regulations and knowledge of radio station operation and safety considerations. Applicants as young as five years old have passed examinations and were granted licenses. Operator licenses are divided into different classes, each of which corresponds to an increasing degree of knowledge and corresponding privileges. Over the years, the details of the classes have changed significantly, leading to the current system of three open classes and three grandfathered but closed to new applicants classes.


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