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Where are they found? Gregarious by nature, Asian elephants roam in herds of 15 to 30, usually led by an old female. These huge herbivores feed on grass, leaves, twigs and bark from more than species of plants.

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An elephant roaming free on the African savannah suffers the moment a poacher shoots and needlessly slaughters the animal for its ivory. Wildlife tourism across South East Asia is a money-spinning industry worth millions of US dollars a year. It plays a huge role in desecrating the highly endangered Asian elephant.

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Protecting and expanding suitable habitats for wildlife is key to the conservation of endangered species, but owing to climate and land use change the ideal habitats of today may not be fitting in 30 or 50 years. An international team of scientists therefore predicted range shifts of Asian elephants in India and Nepal using species distribution models based on distribution data for the elephants and climate projections. While a few regions in the north and northeast of the subcontinent may provide more suitable habitats in the future, overall a heavy loss is probable in all scenarios.

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There are many differences between Asian and African elephants. Both types of elephant are members of the same taxonomical family, elephantidae, but are of a different genus; elephas maximus Asian elephants, Loxodonta africana African savanna elephants and Loxodonta cyclotis African Forest Elephant. The African elephant is significantly larger, with bulls growing up to 4m tall. The biggest Asian males reach no more than 3.

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Elephants have been revered for centuries in Asia, playing an important role in the continent's culture and religion. They are also play a critical role in maintaining the region's forests. But their habitat is shrinking and Asian elephants are now endangered.

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You may have been taught that there are only two species of elephants : the African elephant and the Asian elephant. Inscientists recategorized the African elephant species into two distinct species, the larger being the African savanna elephant and the smaller being the African forest elephant. Asian and African elephants can be differentiated most easily by their ears, their head shape, and their tusks.

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Domesticated elephants have played an important role in the socio-economic life of rural Laotians for centuries. They have used them for work, in religious and cultural ceremonies, and for carrying goods. Elephants have been and still are a main source of cash income for minority ethnic groups in Laos - a sort of living bank.

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Elephants are an important cultural icon in Asia. According to Hindu mythology, the gods deva and the demons asura churned the oceans in a search for the elixir of life so that they would become immortal. As they did so, nine jewels surfaced, one of which was the elephant. In Hinduism, the powerful deity honored before all sacred rituals is the elephant-headed Lord Ganesha, who is also called the Remover of Obstacles.

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These majestic creatures are struggling to survive in the wild. The Houston Zoo partners with field conservation organizations to ensure elephants will exist for a long time to come. There are two elephant species; Asian And African.

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Home About Blog. For this special day, the elephant caretakers from Sanctuary Asia share their favorite memories about one of the Zoo's seven Asian elephants Read More. The Oklahoma City Zoo continues to be a leader in the field of animal medicine, innovating a new stem cell-based treatment to improve blood flow and shorten recovery time.


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