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It aired on August 20, on Adult Swim. It's Murderface's birthday and he's not happy with his party or his presents. Dethklok gives him nothing for a present and he's so upset that he tries to run away.

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It also happens to be the extremely rude Iranian term for the penis. Sorry, but there you go. Because it is very, very, very rude.

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J ames Hetfield leads Metallica on stage at the Aids Awareness Tribute to Freddie Mercury and he doesn't look, as the Independent once claimed, "like Lemmy — only uglier". No, he looks like one of those big old bull-poodles with the nervous eyes and the gravy stained beards. Enter Sandman kicks ass!

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Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth. In the wild, a male African elephant may stand ft tall at the shoulder and weigh tons. The huge bull elephants may weigh as much as 14, lb.

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It also happens to be the extremely rude Iranian term for the penis. Sorry, but there you go. Because it is very, very, very rude.

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Thanks, uh You know uh, this is weird uh Most of us have dogs, allright?

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Spot on. Heard him saying that tonight on some Channel 4 show earlier. Its why I made started the thread.

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Posted by Robert Pasbani on June 26, at pm. One of my favorite stories to come back to is retired professional wrestler Hulk Hogan's outrageous claims that he once auditioned to be in Metallica to replace Cliff Burton. It all started with a quote he gave to the UK tabloid, The Sun about seven years ago:. I played bass guitar.

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Metallica is a totally awesome group of 4 homosexuals who like to make their version of " music " in between their intense rock sessions. They are most known for regularly releasing kickass albums and suing the entire internet. In recent years, Metallica members have had to dodge many hit-squads formed by outragedderanged teenage and twenty-something fans who felt their betrayal as an internal knife into the heart it does hurt that badto have their heroes who once stood up against the hypocrisy of the world and expressed sublime art, turn into self-complacent, passionless multimillionaire traitors to their now love-lorn base.

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Their response was a stroke of genius: strip away all the fat, without losing the things that made Metallica so unique. Feelgoodbrought in as producer — a controversial move at the time, but in retrospect an inspired one — they delivered an album that redefined rock and metal for the coming decade. But with management eyeing Enter Sandman as the lead single, Rock had a quiet word….