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Ultraviolet light has a shorter wavelength than visible light. It is not visible to human eyes, but can affect human health, most notably by causing skin cancer. UV light can be useful to humans, as well.

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And guess what? That's a good thing. The light-emitting diodes in your smart LEDs might not dim the way you'd expect -- but there's a good reason why.

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But that doesn't stop some from warning us all of the dangers and insisting we all need protective glasses. Both are often true, but there is also some truth to the idea that LED plant lights can damage your eyesight. Any type of light can be harmful to our eyesight, if it is powerful enough.

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Infrared light is typically the most discussed form of light within the spectrum. In basic terms, infrared light can be termed as heat; it is the type of radiation where the wavelengths cannot be seen by naked human eyes, but instead it is felt by the body as heat. Infrared light can be seen through use of certain special cameras.

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I wasn't sure the price was correct. It seems they have always been between 11 and 15 dollars for the kind that would screw into a standard light fixture. That can't be correct—but it was.

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By Christopher Null. Freelance Contributor, TechHive. Smart light bulbs—LED-based bulbs that can be controlled by a hub or smartphone app—are no longer a new idea.

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Our eyes can only detect colors of light that we see as a rainbow, primarily shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. These are the specific wavelengths of light that the receptors in our eyes are tuned to. Light of shorter or longer wavelengths doesn't excite our eyes' receptors — so we can't see anything beyond red infrared or violet ultraviolet on the electromagnetic spectrum of light.

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Even though sunlight is free, we pay for electric lightbulbs. We enjoy access to light 24 hours a day, even lighting the outside at night. The miracle of electric lighting means more leisure and work time.

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A blacklight or often black lightalso referred to as a UV-A lightWood's lampor ultraviolet lightis a lamp that emits long-wave UV-A ultraviolet light and very little visible light. One type of lamp has a violet filter material, either on the bulb or in a separate glass filter in the lamp housing, which blocks most visible light and allows through UV, [3] so the lamp has a dim violet glow when operating. A second type of lamp produces ultraviolet but does not have the filter material, so it produces more visible light and has a blue color when operating.

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The Purkinje effect sometimes called the Purkinje shift is the tendency for the peak luminance sensitivity of the eye to shift toward the blue end of the color spectrum at low illumination levels as part of dark adaptation. This effect introduces a difference in color contrast under different levels of illumination. For instance, in bright sunlightgeranium flowers appear bright red against the dull green of their leavesor adjacent blue flowers, but in the same scene viewed at duskthe contrast is reversed, with the red petals appearing a dark red or black, and the leaves and blue petals appearing relatively bright.


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