Breast cancer treatment tamoxifen

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Most women with hormone receptor positive breast cancer will be offered hormone therapy. Hormone therapy is given as an oral medication. Tamoxifen is one of the best known hormone therapy medications.

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What is tamoxifen? How does tamoxifen work? When is tamoxifen prescribed?

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Some types of breast cancer are affected by hormones in the blood. ER-positive and PR-positive breast cancer cells have receptors proteins that attach to estrogen, which helps them grow. There are different ways to stop estrogen from attaching to these receptors.

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In most developed and many developing countries, breast cancer is the most frequent cancer and the leading cause of cancer death among women. With early-stage, localized breast cancer, local treatment combined with adjuvant hormonal therapy with tamoxifen, a synthetic estrogen, could save the lives of 6 women out of compared with local treatment alone. Tamoxifen has anti-estrogenic effects not only on breast cancer cells but also on liver metabolism and bone, with concomitant decreases in risk factors for chronic skeletal and vascular system diseases. Tamoxifen is being considered as a standard therapy and is included in the WHO list of essential drugs for the treatment of breast cancer patients in both developing and developed countries.

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If you're struggling to find what you need, call our Support line on 7 days a week, 8am-8pm. Tamoxifen is a hormonal therapy drug used to treat breast cancer, womb cancer and sometimes other cancers and conditions. It may also be used to prevent breast cancer.

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What is Tamoxifen? Tamoxifen is a drug taken orally in pill form. For over a quarter of a century, physicians have prescribed tamoxifen to help treat patients with advanced breast cancer.

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Tamoxifen, an antiestrogen, is a competitive inhibitor of estradiol, blocking its effects on the target organs. During the 10 years it has been used in the United States it has become preferred over estrogens for treating postmenopausal women with metastatic breast cancer. Recently, tamoxifen has been used in treating premenopausal women with recurrent breast cancer, and its efficacy has been proved equal to that of ovarian ablation.

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Tamoxifen is one of the most common endocrine therapy drugs. It has been shown to decrease the chance of recurrence in some early-stage breast cancers and to prevent the development of cancer in the opposite breast. Tamoxifen can also slow or stop the growth of cancer cells present in the body.

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Learn about tamoxifen and other hormone therapies endocrine therapies for metastatic breast cancer. Tamoxifen attaches to the hormone receptor in the cancer cell, blocking estrogen from attaching to the receptor. This slows or stops the growth of the tumor by preventing the cancer cells from getting the hormones they need to grow.

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Hormones are substances that function as chemical messengers in the body. They affect the actions of cells and tissues at various locations in the body, often reaching their targets through the bloodstream. The hormones estrogen and progesterone are produced by the ovaries in premenopausal women and by some other tissues, including fat and skin, in both premenopausal and postmenopausal women and men.


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