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There is, of course, plenty that men and women agree on these days, according to our survey—the merits of chivalry, the creepiness of a boss asking a woman to dress "sexy," and, broadly speaking, what is acceptable sexual behavior and what isn't. But when it comes to how men and women perceive one another's actions and intentions—when we get into issues of frequency and degree—things get weird. It gets weird when we talk about sexual harassment—not because men and women define it differently we don'tbut because women say they witness and experience it all the time and men tend to say they only hear about it.

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A new survey suggests that the orgasm gap is very, very real. Cosmopolitan surveyed over 2, women aged in an online poll about the female orgasmand the results were eye-opening. The majority of respondents 67 percent said they have faked an orgasm with a partner, and 72 percent have been with a partner who climaxed but didn't attempt to help them orgasm.

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The editors of Cosmopolitan. Hosted by Elisa Benson and featuring special celebrity guests. Listen on Apple Podcasts.

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Cocktail-fuelled young women flit and flirt from man to man, eyes locking, hands feeling as they size up potential mates. Janine, 27, a sales worker from Darlington, Co Durham, makes her choice and they indulge in some serious snogging by the fruit machine. This is the power of love that Cosmopolitan magazine, the sex bible for the independent women, has made famous.

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The idea is that your headline makes a promise that your sales copy or content must fulfill, so a smartly written article headline tells you exactly what the content must provide to the reader in order to keep the promise you made. Writing your headline first might not work for everyone, but you can get ideas for articles and posts by looking at compelling headlines and adapting them to match your topic. Stop by a news stand and check out the headlines on the cover of any consumer-oriented magazine.

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It has just relaunched as Five and spent months carefully planning a new-look schedule complete with upmarket drama, a Chris Moyles show and a slot for BBC star Gaby Roslin. But now Channel 5 has revealed it has no intention of disguising its roots. It has signed a deal with Cosmopolitan to make a factual entertainment documentary about the 50 best ways for men and women to satisfy each other in the bedroom.

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Latest Issue. A condom is the only form of protection which will both help stop the spread of STIs and prevent pregnancy. You should use a condom every time you have sex - this film will show you how to put on a condom.

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Throughout my long tenure writing Ridiculous Tips For A Miserable Sex LifeI've taken aim at various targets, but one publication stands out as a bastion of weird and wacky sex advice — always chipper, always in a numbered list, and always ill-advised. Cosmo remains the ne plus ultra of usually implausible, occasionally unfathomable, and invariably hilarious sexy tips for sexy sex, and this month, I've chosen to anthologize them for you. Read on, friends.

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Did you know the best sex position for the female orgasm? What about how many nerve endings your clitoris has? What about how many women need clitoral stimulation to get off during sex?