Asian bbq pork

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This recipe is super easy, as long as you can remember to marinate the pork before you cook it. I added a few drops of red food coloring to my marinade because I wanted a nice rich color, but you could just as easily leave it out if you prefer. Cutting the tenderloin into four pieces provides you with more surface area for the marinade to work into, which gives you more of those wonderful crusty pieces.

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If you have been to Chinatown, I am sure you have seen BBQ meats such as roast porkduck, chicken, etc. To many Chinese, the mere mention of char siu would conjure up a mental picture of juicy, tender, savory, fatty BBQ pork belly dripping in a savory, sticky, and super delicious sauce, sliced into thin pieces and served with steaming white rice. A good char siu, when done right, is one of the best things to savor in the world.

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Estimated values based on one serving size. Good but not great! Add homemade ssamjang sauce google it.

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Delicious char siu is achievable at home! Updated to include instructions on how to make char siu in the oven so this can be made in the oven or the grill depending on the season. So now this can be made in the oven or on the grill depending on the season!

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Chinese BBQ Pork is sweet, sticky and delicious. The meat is tender and oh so juicy! Char Siu will become a new family favorite.

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Now you can make this Chinatown favorite in your own kitchen! A Chinatown favorite! This recipe blows that completely out of the water.

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There is no Chinatown in Zurich. In fact, the Asian population here is very scant, but we are lucky to have a few amazing Chinese and Vietnamese grocers, as well as a growing number of south-east Asian restaurants. That said, I still miss being able to pop into Chinatown to pick up something for a quick dinner.

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Not dry at all. And the flavor especially when smoked is outstanding! At my favorite Chinese restaurant, they will serve this with the main entree alongside the fried rice.

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Char Siu is definitely one of them. Char Siu is a bbq pork. The pork is marinated with a sauce made up of five spice powder, hoisin sauce, and honey.

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This recipe was originally made for my sister site for non-Thai food PaisKitchen. Or just have it straight up! This is perhaps the most important step. Classically, Chinese BBQ pork uses pork butt, a.