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Clear communication is key when it comes to correcting and even preventing disrespectful behavior in children. At the park one day, I watched a mom get angry at her children. All hell broke loose once she handed it back to him.

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My husband and I have been married 10 years. We met two years after his divorce. I have no children and he has three adult daughters.

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Yes indeed, why? How often do you ask yourself that question when you meet with an ugly response from another individual in a particular situation, especially one where such a reaction is totally inappropriate and unjustified? Even the Greek philosophers complained of the problem two thousand or so years ago — Plato famously ranted about the ill-mannered and disrespectful behavior of youths.

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Eye rolling, curses, insults, backtalk, name calling, ignored requests, snide comments: disrespect from your child or teen comes in many different forms. The truth is, disrespectful behavior is one of the inappropriate ways kids, especially teenagers, try to solve their problems. The reasons behind disrespectful behavior include the perfectly normal and healthy process of your child growing up and away from his identity as a younger child.

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Dear Mary Kay: You are absolutely right. And when he gets married, he will be rude to his wife and children. By allowing him to live like a boy, not a man, he will be insecure.

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JoLynn HominWriter May 18, Almost everything in society is new and improved including technology, education, government, living, industry, and communication. With changes to every day human life comes with changes to human behavior.

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On the more serious end of the disrespectful behavior spectrum, you'll find behaviors such as calling people names, disregarding the rules, or physical aggression. No matter where your child falls on the spectrum, it's important to address disrespect before it gets worse. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Virginia found that disrespectful children are likely to become rude adults.

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A recent viral video of a group of pre-teen kids bullying and berating an elderly bus monitor showed us just how pervasive it is in society for children and teens to be rude and disrespectful to adults. Sadly, this kind of behavior from kids is everywhere, and it only seems to be getting worse. Parenting is not a popularity contest. You need to be in control and you need to set some limits.

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To deal with disrespectful people, don't take it personally, and try to empathize with them since they might be lashing out because something is wrong in their life. You can even respond with kindness to disarm them and deescalate the situation. However, if someone's disrespectful behavior is persistent, you should talk to them about it and politely let them know it's not OK.

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Question: I am the mother of a year-old daughter. Our relationship is very strained. She repeatedly speaks to me with sarcastic intonations in spite of my numerous requests for her to "try to talk nice.


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