P53 gene breast cancer

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The p53 gene TP53 is a gene that is mutated in many cancers, and is the most common gene mutation found in cancer cells. The gene is a type of tumor suppressor gene that codes for a protein that inhibits the development and growth of tumors. As a gene that has been coined "the guardian of the genome," when inactivated, it can also play a role in the persistence, growth, and spread of a cancer that develops.

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February 27, Scientists at The Wistar Institute in collaboration with Roswell Park Cancer Institute found a significant association between a rare genetic variant of the p53 gene present in African American women and their risk of developing breast cancer in premenopausal age. TP53 is the most frequently mutated gene in human cancer.

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in females worldwide. Accumulating evidence has revealed that many genes are involved in the carcinogenesis of breast cancer. A loss of heterozygosity in chromosomes 1, 3p, 6q, 7q, 8, 9p, 10q, 11q, 13q, 16q, 17, 18q, 20q, 22q, or X has been detected as genetic abnormalities in breast cancers [ 12 ].

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Breast cancer is the most frequent invasive tumor diagnosed in women, causing over deaths yearly worldwide. Like other tumors, it is a disease with a complex, heterogeneous genetic and biochemical background. No single genomic or metabolic condition can be regarded as decisive for its formation and progression.

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Mouse over the terms for more detail; many indicate links which you can click for dedicated pages about the topic. Data table showing topics related to specific cancers and associated disorders. Scope includes mutations and abnormal protein expression.

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We offer a widget that you can add to your website to let users look up cancer-related terms. Menu Contact Dictionary Search. What Is Cancer?

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Tumor protein p53also known as p53cellular tumor antigen p53 UniProt namephosphoprotein p53tumor suppressor p53antigen NY-COor transformation-related protein 53 TRP53is any isoform of a protein encoded by homologous genes in various organisms, such as TP53 humans and Trp53 mice. This homolog originally thought to be, and often spoken of as, a single protein is crucial in multicellular organismswhere it prevents cancer formation, thus, functions as a tumor suppressor. This difference is due to the high number of proline residues in the protein, which slow its migration on SDS-PAGE, thus making it appear heavier than it actually is.

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P53; a tumor suppressor gene has known to have a role in a group of human cancers. Its role in breast cancer; one of the most prevalent malignancies worldwide, is still controversial. The current study is designed to evaluate the prognostic role of p53 mutation in breast cancer.

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Author s : Ajay KumarSrinath Palakurthi. DOI : Tumor-suppressor gene, p53, is the most commonly mutated gene in human cancer and it is considered as a major reason for resistance to chemotherapy. Replacement of mutated p53 gene with the wild-type gene wt-p53 has been reported to restore cell-cycle control and inhibit tumorigenesis.


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