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The combination of an Aries and a native of Leo will surely be an intensely burning fire. This is as a result of the uniqueness of the relationship being the fact that you are both of the fire sign. In an Aries and Leo Compatibilityyou both seem to be bossy and prone to having a powerful ego which could lead to a fight. Moreover, you have both are endowed with exceptional ability to compete with others around you.

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Leo and Aries Love Compatibility

Aries and Leo make a fiery, dynamic and extremely passionate couple. What drives this relationship is fun, passion and adventures. Like a moth to a flame there's an immediate attraction and understanding between individuals of these two zodiac signs, because of their many personality similarities. However, both Aries and Leo are fire signs and it can be very explosive in many different ways. An Aries-Leo relationship is never dull, because they never run out of energy and they both want to have fun.

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Are Aries and Leo soulmates?

They are a very good, exciting match for each other. Both signs have fiery passion for life and enjoy being extroverted and outgoing. There is a deep, unspoken understanding between the two signs and they usually combine to work and live together very harmoniously. Jenn: You two may have a chance at a good relationship if you can learn to accept the constant need that the Leo has to be the center of attention.

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